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You're the owner of a new electric power company with an exclusive contract in a city. The city will grow depending on how well you keep it powered.

Don't grow too quickly though, as the city mayor won't tolerate many power outages before terminating your contract.

Instructions and tips:

  • Build your first power plant away from the starting city block. Citizens dislike living close to power plants, substations and high voltage nodes.
  • Connect your power plant to a substation with high voltage lines. The substation lowers the voltage to residential values.
  • Connect the substation to the residential areas using low voltage lines, people don't mind these near their houses.
  • The city will grow into new blocks and upgrade existing ones much faster into well powered and valued areas.
  • The city won't tolerate three power outages in a single month.
  • Don't grow your grid too fast at the start of the game, or else the city power demand will get unmanageable quickly.
  • If you pollute too much, the city will start imposing penalties by taxing your income.
  • Base price per kWh varies each month, by external factors you cannot control.
  • You can see the currently powered zones by using the "POWER" button on the left.

Missing features (maybe I'll implement them post-jam):

  • More important than anything else: Balance. I didn't have enough time to better playtest the game and set enjoyable costs, rates, and other values.
  • Saving and loading games.
  • Info on city buildings (how much each kind consumes, etc.).
  • Some way to demolish existing buildings.
  • Random events and offers. These should affect the kWh price, grow rate, and any other variable.
  • Not programmer art.
  • Music. For now get on Youtube and search for an Instrumental Jazz playlist to play while you play the game.

Game made for the Ludum Dare 39 compo in about 40 hours.


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