Travel through deep space from your home planet to the nearest star. Inspired by roguelike games like FTL.


While on your way, you will be faced with both random and scripted encounters. If you’re asked to, use the mouse to power and de-power the connections between your probe systems and accomplish your current task.

Made completely from scratch (code, graphics, music) as it was intended to be a Compo entry before I missed the submission time. I also took the opportunity to learn about the Zenject framework and used it extensively in the game.

Tools used

  • Unity with Zenject
  • GIMP
  • Blender
  • Mixcraft

As happens with most of my Ludum Dare games, the game is missing balance. I might add more random events and upload a post-jam version, as I left the game fairly easy to extend.

I improvised the music in the last 15 minutes before the deadline, so if it gets annoying, you can mute it with the M key.


Download 49 MB
Download 34 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run Voyager.exe.


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I loved the game except for those merchants ,constantly taking my fuel even if I reject their offer. Also, I got stuck in one part where i accidently searched a probe for fuel without having enough power to use my robotics system, so now i’m stuck. can allow player to still continue on with their journey to see how far they go. Good game overall tho, really enjoyed myself.


BUG REPORT- kept encountering merchants that would trade me energy shielding, but would complete trade BEFORE i hit any buttons, and if i hit reject i still get a shield and lose fuel

Merchants stole all of my fuel :

Thanks for the report! I'll look into it.